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I wanted to colour in all four of her seasonal Forms, so here you go.

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Weather Headcanons


Feel free to use them as you please. It’s just a general idea as to how I want to interpret the weather conditions in my storyline, though.

I’m gonna put this under a “Read More” because it’s such a huge wall of text, so…here you go!

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GUESS WHO’S BACK IN ACTION MOFOS! 8D And just in time for their third anniversary~

Yep, re-introducing the Phoenix Star Crew (formerly Team Firestar), my old team from PMD-E, now converted to major personal NPC’s in PMDU. Those who have known me from PMD-E will surely be able to recognize…well, three of them at a whim.

Original template found here. Made by senji-mod (aka thebigbadbasenji on deviantART)

PMD-E related because there are PMD-E characters in here. And yes, today’s their third anniversary.

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Practical Kleptomaniac and hoarder of ceramics

Also, it’s Otulissa’s birthday today!

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Anther with 77!
rowanberryandfriends asked



It seemed like it would be easy enough at first, but man did this prove to be more challenging than I thought!

Oh it has been quite some time since I drew this goof! Thank you for the suggestion! ^w^

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The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself

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I’m having too much fun with the Avatar Creator game, help!

Anyways, here’s some more, this time for the new generation.

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Former team member Hunter, just in case anyone missed her

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So I’m making new PMD-E profile pics, so…here’s Zola!

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PMD Giveaway Prize 1 - Roly and Kari by Sanngot

The first prize for a giveaway that I held from my PMD-E/PMDU tumblr account.

Our first place winner was escape-to-wanderlust!

Hope you like it! These two were cute! It was sure fun drawing them! ^_^